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Greenline Consulting calls Regina home, although we work on-site and remotely across Saskatchewan, Canada. Greenline Consulting is a strategic partnership offering comprehensive human resource solutions, business analysis, online presence advice, and professional services. Our custom advisory approach is tailored to each organization. Therefore, we adapt our method to our client’s specific demands and goals.   

We develop projects for individual goals and outcomes. Greenline Consulting works on a monthly fractional basis to assist your business in areas where hiring an employee may not make financial sense. As a result, benefiting your organization’s bottom line while improving work efficiency and environment.

Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources services, custom tailored to your organization’s individual needs.


Business Research and Analysis

With a full spectrum of business research services, we provide you just that!


Human Resources Audit

Identify ways to improve an organization's overall operational effectiveness.


Professional Services

We are confident in being a sounding board for your management team in optimizing your business.


We are experts in Saskatchewan operations and very familiar with the nuances of the Saskatchewan Employment Standards Regulations and Saskatchewan Employment Act.  Therefore, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities Saskatchewan offers, including Saskatchewan’s small communities, diverse populations and big spaces.

As members of CPHR Saskatchewan, IIA Saskatchewan, WESK, Regina Chamber of Commerceand IPMA-Canada, we are focused on building knowledge and networks. As a result, we stay up-to-date on current trends and challenges facing Saskatchewan organizations.


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