Human Resources Audit

A Human Resources Audit helps identify ways to improve an organization’s overall operational effectiveness, resource optimization, administrative efficiency, as well as reveals causes for low productivity and low morale. An HR audit analyzes the current state of your HR structure with best practices and industry standards. 

Human Resources Assessment and Audit Approach

Greenline Consulting takes a collaborative approach to everything we do. Using the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) framework, Greenline Consulting will engage with key stakeholders to complete a formal HR assessment that identifies current strengths, areas of concern, and assists your organization in setting priorities for project planning.

In-Depth HR Audit

An in-depth HR Audit is a comprehensive assessment to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation, structure, and systems. The process involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources within your organization, therefore evaluating the full range of HR from strategic, operational, and administrative functions.

Following this in-depth review, Greenline Consulting would collaborate with your organization to provide a strategic development plan, as a result outlining projects to reduce risk and increase efficiency within your organization.

Focused HR Audit

Greenline Consulting will engage with stakeholders to evaluate the highest risk or biggest pain point areas within your organization, therefore outlining the key control areas to include in your review. If time, budget, or priorities are a focus, Greenline Consulting recommends focusing on a reduced scope for your HR audit. We will outline objectives and establish guidelines based on engagement with you.


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